Barukh Dayan Ha-Emet

The festive lights of hanukah are burning dimmer for me and my family.
Early Sunday morning, a close family friend was killed in a single car accident.
Jennifer Wienner died at 3am on Sunday morning. No alcahol or drugs were involved
and Jennifer and her boyfriend (the driver) were both wearing seat-belts.
Jennifer was a college graduate who was working as a receptionist while she applied to grad school. I have known Jennifer almost her entire life and am so close with her mother and grandmother that I consider them family. I babysat for her when she was young and have
watched her mature into a beautiful and friendly young woman. She will be missed.
Tehi zichra brucha: May her memory be a blessing.

When I spoke with Jennifer's grandmother Lillian yesterday, she asked me to tell her why she should believe in God? I told her that there is nothing to say at a time like this. I will be there for them like they have been there for me so many times.

If you notice me in a funk this week, now you know why. Rabbi Bruce

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