What I am Reading Now

I thought one feature of my blog would be a list of what I am reading--with links, comments, etc.

(I will use the following colors to classify the books, articles, or web sites).

I am always reading a number of non-fiction books--often on Jewish topics. I also work my way through a number of sections of the New York Times each day (with a back-log that I try to finish each week).

There is almost always a fiction book on my nightstand.

In addition, I read a number of magazines each month and lots of articles on the web (on Jewish topics and investing).

I will focus on one book that I am currently reading The Rebbe's Daughter--Memoir of a Hasidic Childhood by Malkah Shapiro (translated from the Hebrew, edited, and with an introduction and commentary by Nehemia Polen). This is an amazing autobiography of an unusual Jewish writer. Polen's introduction and commentary is enlightening and useful (and his translation is very readable) but it is Shapiro's genius and interesting childhood that shines.

When a six-year old, three-year old, one year-old all like a book that is fun to read, it is worthy of mention: Charlie Parker Played Be Bop, by Chris Raschka (1992) is a lot of fun to read and has great illustrations that fit the music. I am glad they had this at the Fort Hill book sale.

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