Prayer for Tzunami

Here is a prayer for the Tzunami by my friend and colleague Rabbi Shai Held of NYC.

Click here for a copy including the Hebrew.
Rabbi Bruce

A Prayer in the Wake of the Asian Tsunami Disaster – December 2004

Avinu SheBaShamayim, Adon Kol HaMa'asim, Ribon Kol HaOlamim,
Racheim Al Kol Eileh HaSovlim Min HaMayim HaGo'ashim VeHeGalim HaRo'ashim.
Chamol al Ma'asekha – Habitah Adonai, URe'ei Tzaratam;
Ha'azinah, Elohim, UShema Tza'akatam.
Chazeik et Yedei HaMatzilim, Nacheim et Ha-Aveilim, Refa Na LaPetzuim.
Choneinu Binah VeHaskeil Leida at Chovoteinu,
uFetach et Libeinu LeMa'an Noshit Yad el HaNidka'im.
Barkheinu Eloheinu VeNeileikh BeDarkekha, Rachmanim Benei Rachmanim.
Tein Banu Ometz VeChokhmah Lema'an Nimna Ason VaMavet;
Mena Mageifah BeOlamekha, VeKayyeim Ma'amerekha:
"VeLo Yihyeh Od Mabul LeShacheit et HaAretz."
Amein, Kein Yehi Ratzon.

Ruler of Creation, Master of the world:
Have mercy on all those who are suffering from the raging waters and the storming waves.
Have compassion on Your creatures – Look, O Lord, and see their distress;
Listen, God, and hear their cries.
Strengthen the hands of those who would bring relief, comfort the mourners,
Heal, please, the wounded.
Grant us wisdom and discernment to know our obligations,
and open our hearts so that we may extend our hands to the devastated.
Bless us so that we may walk in Your ways,
"compassionate ones, children of compassionate ones."
Grant us the will and the wisdom to prevent further disaster and death;
Prevent plague from descending upon Your earth, and fulfill Your words,
"Never again shall there be another flood to destroy the earth."
Amen. So may it be your will.

By Rabbi Shai Held

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