Register for the World Zionist Congress

Help Liberal Judaism in Israel!
Have a voice in decisions that affect you, your family, and your heritage.

Every four years, delegates from over 40 countries meet to decide
on issues you care deeply about now: the education and safety
of Jews everywhere; the values, the well-being, and the future
of the State of Israel.

These delegates are selected by voters like you. They range
from college students to seasoned vets, religious to secular, liberal
to conservative. You don’t have to join or attend anything.
If you’re American,Jewish, and agree with the Jerusalem Program
(see the site), please register.

The American Zionist Movement expedites the U.S. voting.
When your ballot arrives, simply choose the delegate slate that
most closely represents your views.

This is an important time for the Jewish People. Please register,
vote, and have your say.
World Zionist Organization’s 35th Congress.

Please register online by February 15, 2006 at www.azm.org

Note: It costs $7.00 to register (for election costs and to make sure no one stuffs the ballots).
Students can register for $5.00. Students at Smith or Amherst who register can bring me a receipt and I will reimburse you. I am not able to pay for your registration directly.

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