News From New Orleans

Sent: Wednesday, August 31, 2005 5:30 AM
Subject: From Shir Chadash, Metairie, LA

Hevre, Thanks to all who have given us their prayers and asked after our

My family and I are safe in Atlanta. I have spoken with a number of our
members at Shir Chadash, the only USCJ shul in the New Orleans area. As
far as I know at this point, everybody is safe, including those who stayed
in the city. I was actually able to speak by landline to one of our members
who is still in downtown New Orleans, so to my surprise there are calls getting
through. We thank God that everyone I have found out about is safe.

This is a true catastrophe to hit our entire community, both Jewish and
not. We mourn for the extensive loss of life all over the region. Limited
information has gotten to me that the shul and my family's house are
both underwater, how many feet it's hard to say. The situation, which seemed
better than expected at first, especially in Metairie, has deteriorated
throughout today. I appreciate the various offers of assistance I have
gotten. Not sure at this point what we might need when. Anyone who wants
to contact me to find out about the situation or specific people should email me at tlichtenfeld@cox.net or call at 917 400-0175. Our community is praying for
God's guidance and support, but we are a strong kahal and will get through
this together.

B'shalom, Rabbi Ted Lichtenfeld
Shir Chadash Conservative Congregation
Metairie, LA

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