First Week of Kosher/Halal Dining at Smith

Tonight will finish the first week of meals of Smith's Kosher and Halal dining.

The great food has attracted lots of different students to try kosher (or halal) food. The staff have been great and are working very well with Joe Morse (kosher supervisor). Rick Rubin and I have helped out a bit with serving. (check out smithkosherdining.blogspot.com for pictures.)

I have eaten there two nights for dinner and three times for lunch. Even though it is a very crowded place, it is nice to see Jewish and Muslim students congregating at Cutter-Ziskind. Some of them are students who ate this way in the past and others are students who are trying it out for the first time. What is especially nice about this set-up is that no one has to feel excluded in any way because they are eating a special diet. They can still eat with their friends and/or try the special food without committing to a special meal-plan or to come at any particular meal.

In all, I see it as a wonderful addition to Smith's diversity resources and an unqualified success at making our current students feel at home. It will all work even better when the last construction glitches are finished and additional seating is added (counters in the lobbies).

I look forward to dining with you a Cutter Ziskind some day soon.

Shabbat Shalom,
Rabbi Bruce

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Anonymous said...

congradulations on the opening of a kosher dining facility