You Stand Where I Stand

לכבוד אילת רות בת אברהם אבינו ושרה אמותינו
בשבת הראשון, פרשת יתרו

"Where you go, I will go. Wherever you stay, I will stay."
With simplicity of language but depth of heart, Ruth
states her identification with Naomi's people and God.

This Shabbat, you experience Matan Torah as you
were always meant to experience--alongside us as sister.

You stand where I stand--you experienced it the same as
me. But not quite, your journey to this point adds to the
experience and enriches the Children of Israel--now and forever.

May you always find comfort from Torah--Our Tree of Life--and acceptance amongst your people.

May your journey continue from strength to strength.

Rabbi Bruce

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