Distances Disolve With New Technology

It has been a busy few weeks with reading period and finals at each schools.
For me, there has been excitement at both Smith & Amherst as well as some exciting community meetings.

A few times over the past week, I have had discussions about the power of blogs and other new web technology to improve communication. I realize that face-to-face communication is always the best means of in-depth communication. Still, there are many intriguing possibilities of creating group conversation (especially across great distances) and reaching individuals who are not yet able to talk to a rabbi in person.

This summer, I will be tweaking my blog and trying to set up a repository of writings (and maybe even podcasts). Please comment and/or email me if you have any ideas or suggestions.


For an example of the possibilities, check out the web-site set up for Maggie Worthen--a Smith Senior who is currently in a coma.

With wishes of a refuah shlema (complete recovery) to Maggie & comfort to all that love her.

Rabbi Bruce

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