Jewish Outreach by Dems & GOP; Voter Info By State

For most of the twentieth century, Jews voted overwhelmingly for Democrats. Over the last few decades, there has been a slow shifting as more Jews voted for Republicans (I suspect a lot of them were "Reagan Democrats" but I haven't looked into the statistics too carefully). There have always been prominent Jewish leaders in both parties, but the average Jew was usually a Democrat. That is certainly still the case although each party disputes the data favored by the others. Republicans have been trying to use Jews as a swing-vote in tight races.
I leave my well-educated, independent-minded readers to decide for yourself.

Here are sites for Jewish organizations that support each major party:
National Jewish Democratic Council
Republican Jewish Coalition

National Party Info:
Democratic National Committee Faith-In-Action

Republican National Committee Faith & Values Team

Time to get educated, get active, and then VOTE!

Procedures, Initiatives, Issues, and Elections By State:
o Alabama
o Alaska
o Arizona
o Arkansas
o California
o Colorado
o Connecticut
o Delaware
o District of Columbia
o Florida
o Georgia
o Hawaii
o Idaho
o Illinois
o Indiana
o Iowa
o Kansas
o Kentucky
o Louisiana
o Maine
o Maryland
o Massachusetts
o Michigan
o Minnesota
o Mississippi
o Missouri
o Montana
o Nebraska
o Nevada
o New Hampshire
o New Jersey
o New Mexico
o New York
o North Carolina
o North Dakota
o Ohio
o Oklahoma
o Oregon
o Pennsylvania
o Rhode Island
o South Carolina
o South Dakota
o Tennessee
o Texas
o Utah
o Vermont
o Virginia
o Washington
o West Virginia
o Wisconsin
o Wyoming

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