Targeted Divestment from Sudan

American Jewish World Service has been a leading advocate for ending genocide in Darfur.

I have been interested in Socially Responsible Investing (a type of investing that looks at ethical and social implications of various investment choices). I believe SRI provides an additional way of using personal and communal resources to accomplish desired goals.

Just as people use charitable contributions to promote causes we are interested, choice of investments and participating in shareholder engagements allows an additional way to influence society. Personal investments, organization endowments, and even public holdings, are possible sources of influence.

Divestment--selling or boycotting certain investments which are seen to support a problematic group or activity--has a complicated history. Many experts view the campaign to divest from South Africa as a major factor in ending Apartheid. Money is power and the withholding of money is a lever that can move mountains.

In this case, AJWS is advocating targeted divestment as part of an ongoing campaign to put real and concerted pressure on the Sudanese government. This plan has support of the American Jewish Committee, ADL, JCPA, Jewish War Veterns, Jewish World Watch, Jewish Federations in Connecticut, Duchess County, NY; Fort Wayne, IN; Greater Indianapolis, IN; St. Joseph Valley, IN; and Western Massachusetts (the local Federation for this area of the country).

Here is a tool that screens mutual funds for Sudan investments.

Get involved in Stopping Genocide in Darfur.

Shabbat Shalom,

Rabbi Bruce

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