Maayan Aviv Bromberg Seltzer Named at Beth Judah

Tuesday morning, the first day of Pesach, Maayan Aviv Bromberg Seltzer received her name.
We were lucky to not have anyone to name her after and got to pick a name we like. Maayan --meaning a water spring--is appropriate given the many instances of water symbolism in the Exodus story and it was snowing that night. Born on the first day of Spring (the season Aviv) and Rosh Hodesh Nissan (the month containing Pesach-aka Hag Aviv).

She was named in the presence of all of her immediate family -- parents, siblings, grandparents, two uncles, two aunts, and a soon to be third uncle.

Dod Rabbi Aaron Gaber led the naming ceremony after I chanted the haftarah.

Today, Maayan went to visit her great-grandmother Lily Bromberg (whose 100 birthday on Monday was featured by Willard Scott on Wednesdays Today Show).

Moadim l'simchah,
Rabbi Bruce

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