Join Kvod Habriot: Jewish Human Rights Network

Help us build a national network that will make universal human rights a core commitment of the Jewish community.

We are rabbis, communities, and individuals dedicated to the human rights of all.

What are the goals of K'vod Habriot?

  1. Build the first-ever, national network to mobilize Jewish commitment to human rights.
  2. Strengthen Honor the Image of God: Stop Torture Now, A Jewish Campaign to End U.S.-Sponsored Torture.
  3. Mobilize the Jewish community to address other human rights issues.

K'vod Habriot Statement of Principles:

  • "Every human being is created in the image of God" Bidmut Elohim asah oto: It is incumbent on each of us to act in a way that affirms the fundamental dignity of every human being. Respect for each human being is the foundation of Jewish ethics.
  • "[We must] do what is just and right." La'asot Tzedek U'Mishpat: For a nation to have legitimacy, it must enforce a system of law that is fair, equitable, and just.
  • "Do not oppress the stranger, orphan or widow." Ger, Yatom, V'Almananah Al Tonu: We have a duty to promote a society that cares for the economic well-being of all of its members, especially those who are most vulnerable.
  • We believe that the Universal Declaration of Human Rights flows from these Jewish values, as well as from our own historical experience, especially that of the treatment of Jews during the Holocaust. Therefore, it is incumbent on us, as Jews, to defend the human rights of all who are oppressed.

Communities that join the K'vod Habriot network commit to the Statement of Principles and to:

  • Advocate for human rights through K'vod Habriot action campaigns, beginning with the current Honor the Image of God: Stop Torture Now, A Jewish Campaign to End U.S.-Sponsored Torture;
  • Sign the Jewish Statement Against Torture, joining over 700 rabbis and 2,000 Jews who have already done so;
  • Celebrate International Human Rights Day on December 10;
  • Educate themselves on the core values of Judaism and human rights, and learn about current human rights concerns;
  • Integrate human rights concerns into Jewish rituals and holidays;

Rabbis for Human Rights-North America is committed to support communities engaged in this critical work by providing:

  • Regular K'vod Habriot action alerts on pressing human rights issues, beginning with the campaign against torture;
  • Inspiring educational and liturgical resources, including suggestions for Jewish text study, reflections, and prayers, curricula for different ages and settings, sermon suggestions, and discussion material;
  • Staff support for rabbis and community leaders.
  • Suggestions for community activities related to human rights such as lobbyig, speakers, film screenings, cultural presentations and opportunities for interfaith partnership and action.

You can Join the K'vod Habriot Network online or download the brochure and mail in the form.

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