Rabbinical Assembly Appoints First Female Rabbi to Head Rabbinical Organization

Women Rabbis have arrived and change is in the air.

Rabbi Julie Schoenfeld was named the next Executive Vice-President of the Rabbinical Assembly today. She succeeds current EVP Rabbi Joel Meyers on July 1st. I am a member of the Rabbinical Assembly--an international organization of almost 1600 Conservative Rabbis.

Julie is an impressive rabbi and leader. I worked with over the past year organizing Conservative rabbis who work in Hillel and helping the Rabbinical Assembly serve their needs. Julie is a graduate of Yale University and was ordained by Jewish Theological Seminary Rabbinical School in 1997.

In the past, our organization has not fully understood or appreciated the work of non-pulpit members. When Julie (who has been working as Director of Rabbinic Development at the RA) was assigned to work with us, she took a great interest in us and our needs. She worked to understand how Hillel colleagues could benefit from RA programs and what the RA could do in the future for Hillel professionals of all backgrounds and affiliation. It was a different approach than previous encounters.

I am full of hope that Julie's vision and skills will help the RA reinvigorate the Conservative Movement in the US and around the world. I have already emailed her to offer my help in any way she needs.

Mazal Tov, Julie. May your new position help advance the cause of women leadership in the greater Jewish community.

Rabbi Bruce

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