HP giveaway

There is currently a large giveaway of HP equipment through 50 blogs.
This is my attempt to participate in the contest at one of the blogs, Moosh in indy.

This is what I would do with the HP equipment. First of all, I could not use all of the material myself. We have a new HP desktop and I have a work-owned notebook. I would use our current desktop for my children (10, 7, 5, 1 1/2) and my wife and I would use the new desktop. We would probably donate one of the laptops and an older desktop that my oldest son uses to my children's school--LGA Schechter (which could use newer computers). The Jewish Day School has a great facility and talented and enthusiastic faculty but could use more cutting edge technology versus old cast-off donations.

I use the internet in a few ways for more work as a Campus Rabbi/Hillel Director at Smith and Amherst Colleges. I have this blog and use Facebook as a means to reach out to students. The HP Mini would allow me to post more frequently and from more places. Also, the equipment would help me update the websites at both colleges. I started to use this blog a number of years ago and Facebook three summers ago to reach out to students in a non-intrusive way (versus emailing all students on my list about everything on my mind). I know from direct feedback that prospective students and even current students use the blog/Facebook to find out about Jewish life and concerns.

Please help me to do my work better and help my children's school at the same time.
Also, we took my son's class to see Kung Fu Panda! Great movie.
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