Opportunity for Jews to Send Blessings to President Obama

I intended to post yesterday but haven't had time yet. Between sick kids, meetings about construction and watching news most of yesterday, I haven't done more than post status changes on Facebook.

This Shabbat, I am slated to offer the Dvar Torah at our synagogue, CBI. In honor of President Obama Inauguration, I will be talking about the history of Jewish prayers for the government (with a focus on those written for Americans). There is a lot of information about this topic and it is taking more time than I expected to arrange it.


For now, I want to alert you to an opportunity that ends this Friday to offer blessings to President Obama through judaism.com . They are creating a Megillat Brachot / Scroll of Blessing which will have inscribed on it individual blessings from members of the Jewish community.

I hope to add mine tonight.
Don't miss the deadline for this interesting opportunity.

PS. A funny thing happened during dinner tonight. I mentioned President Barack Obama. At some point, Maayan started saying what we heard as "I Obama Baby" over and over. What she meant was that she has a Bamba baby toy. Once when I was attending at KosherFest (the largest Kosher food trade show), I won a plastic Bamba baby. Since then, it is a favorite in our household. She heard "Bamba Baby" and wanted to make sure we knew that she had one. I will try to get a picture of the doll up at some point. Until then, you can learn more about the Bamba baby at the company's web site and see a picture here. (I mentioned this as a status update on Facebook but this should be clearer).

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