New Koren-Sachs Siddur Demonstrates How Women Can Be Part of Orthodox Judaism

A new siddur edited by Chief Rabbi of England Jonathan Sachs and published by Koren in conjuction with the Orthodox Union has been getting great reviews (The review in the Hirhurim blog has links to a number of reviews).

Koren produces great texts that are readable, accurate, and aesthetically pleasing. I often use a Koren Humash/Siddur combination on Shabbat. The new siddur expands a previous siddur Rabbi Sachs released in Britain by adding numerous prayers.

Noteworthy is the Koren-Sachs's Siddur's approach to Jewish Women. JOFA (the Jewish Orthdox Feminist Alliance) has endorsed the siddur:
Until now there was only one widely used Hebrew/English-language siddur: ArtScroll, a siddur that doesn’t really include women as active participants in prayer.
Now you have a choice–a new siddur by Koren Publishers Jerusalem, with an introduction and commentary by Rabbi Jonathan Sacks. Rabbi Martin Lockshin writes that the Koren Sacks Siddur “shows a laudable sensitivity to the fact that half of all Jews are women.” Prayers are included for the birth of a daughter, and for women to recite upon returning to synagogue after giving birth. It also acknowledges that three women may constitute a quorum for zimmun, and that, following the rules of Hebrew grammar, a woman would say Modah ani.
We strongly support the inspiring Koren Sacks Siddur for synagogue and personal use, and urge you to:

· Build awareness of the Koren Sacks Siddur in your community
· Purchase one as a bar or bat mitzvah present
· Purchase a set for a women’s tefillah group
· Lobby your shul or school to replace their ArtScroll siddurim with Koren Sacks siddurim
· Encourage your friends and family to purchase and promote the siddur as well.

The Koren-Sachs Siddur website crashed after JOFA sent out the email demonstrating the excitement at the release of a feminist-friendly Orthodox siddur!

I haven't seen a copy personally but will be ordering a few soon (if anyone wants to purchase any for Smith or Amherst, please let me know).

I will have more to say about the Siddur soon.

Rabbi Bruce

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