Music for Eight Nights of Chanukah-David Brooks

Chanukah Parties:
Smith, Thursday Dec. 10th 7pm in Campus Center Carroll Room (Klezamir, Noteables, homemade latkes, jelly donuts and more). Sorry if you missed it.
Amherst Friday, Dec 11, 6:30 pm in the Cadigan Center for Religious Life.

One of my plans for this snowy afternoon was to write a post about Chanukah traditions, songs, etc.
The most recent issue of the Western Mass. Jewish Ledger arrived today, so I read through it.
Luckily for me (and you because I wouldn't have found some of these sites), there was an article by Mark Mietkiewicz about Chanukah music ("8 Music Sites for 8 Chanukah Nights"). I will be using some of his sites. I hope you enjoy these. Please post links to other interesting songs in the comment section.

Happy Chanukah! Hag Urim Sameach!

1. For the first candle or if someone asks you: "How do you spell Chanukah." The LeeVees.
One of the best Chanukah CD's (at least for the 15-45 age group) is the debut CD of the LeeVees. Led by Adam Gardner from Guster and Dave Schneider from the Zambonis (if you have to ask about these groups, you may not be the intended demographic), these songs are fun, entertaining, and demonstrate Jewish knowledge. The first year, songs from the CD were used on Gray's Anatomy and in an NPR segment. Dave is also part of a new Jewish band, the Macaroons. Check the LeeVees website for links to download their music and connect to their other group sites.

2. First Matisyahu, Now Reggae Chanukah. If you are going to talk of Zion anyway, you might as well sing Jewish reggae music!

3. An Folk Classic: Peter, Paul, & Mary's "Light One Candle." Here is Peter Yarrow singing it with the lyrics and background information.

4. BareNaked Ladies (sorry-it is not the best video)

5. He's Not Sasha But He is Close: Erran Baron Cohen, Sasha's brother, released a great Chanukah compilation. Here is a link to an NPR interview and an article from Ha'aretz.

6. Instuments Not Required: There are lots of Jewish a capella groups (mainly on college campuses). Here is a list with links to 67 groups (I don't guarantee they all work). They should all have Chanukah songs. For Jewish a capella in the Five Colleges, check out Kolot (based at UMASS but including students from 4 of the Five Colleges)

7. Tom Lehrer: Zev's class is singing this song by the classic comedic musician, Tom Lehrer. You can also hear an Aca Pella version from JFA at Brandeis.

8. A Chanukah song written by Sen Orrin Hatch! Yes, the Morman Senator from Utah!

Since it is a Modern Classic, I am not listing Adam Sandler's Chanukah Song as part of the 8. There are lots additional versions. Here is Part 3. For a listing of the celebrities in version and other links, check out wikipedia.

Bonus: Harold & Kumar Chanukah memories (sort of).

Additional Items: Check out David Brooks on Chanukah in today's NYTIMES.

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