High Holiday Preparation

Orientation for Amherst Class of '14 started today and I have been at Amherst for the last few hours. Welcome to the Pioneer Valley and Amherst College.

I attended a few events and will shortly attend the first Religious Life Event (in Chapin at 8:30pm).

Tomorrow night, we have our first Hillel event: Schmooze with the Jews. Other events include Shabbat services and dinner, Sunday Brunch, and fifty or so hours after classes begin Rosh Hashanah services and meals. It will be a busy few weeks.

As I meet new students and welcome back old students, I am getting ready for High Holidays by preparing services and organizing meals.

I offer the following link to a great series of articles that are helping me think about Tshuvah (the concept of return/repentence that is at the center of the High Holidays). Kathryn Schulz wrote a book that I have been reading (Being Wrong--Adventures on the Margins of Error). The book has been followed by a series of interviews about error and being wrong in diverse fields and their lives. This is the description at the bottom of the blog: "This blog features Q and As in which notable people discuss their relationship to being wrong. You can read past interviews with NASA astronaut-turned-medical-error-guruJames Bagian, hedge-fund manager Victor Niederhoffer, mountaineer Ed Viesturs, This American Life host Ira Glass, celebrity chef Anthony Bourdain, Sports Illustrated senior writer Joe Posnanski, education scholar and activist Diane Ravitch, and criminal defense lawyer and pundit Alan Dershowitz." (As it appears August 29th, 2010 at 7:54pm)

Please read them and let me know what you think. Comments are appreciated.

Have a great year,
Rabbi Bruce

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