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Last weekend, we attended our cousin's wedding. At the reception, the groom's father mentioned that I haven't posted much on the blog.

Despite being laid off by Smith College this May (perhaps because of it), this has been a busy summer.

Now that school is starting back up, I hope to make more regular blog posts.

Since we started the month of Elul (the last month before Rosh Hashanah), my thoughts increasingly turn towards the coming year. For the first time in a dozen years, I am not leading Rosh Hashanah services (which I previously led at Smith). It will be interesting to see how the holiday experience is different for me sitting with my family during services. I wonder if it will be more or less meaningful to not lead services (especially given that I will not be as prepared for Rosh Hashanah as I had been previous years).

This year, Rosh Hashanah falls as early in September given the late date of Labor Day (the Jewish calendar basically follows a 19-year cycle but there are many differences--I am not sure
how Labor Day is figured out). I will try to follow up with a further post about the Jewish Calendar.

Rabbi Bruce

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