Elect to Get Engaged in Election

I am going to try to post a little more often than I have over the last year.

While I am not interested in talking about the election directly, I will pose some questions I would be interested in having each candidate address.

Questions for Governor Romney:

1.  Can you explain the real reason you refuse to release the past ten years of tax returns?  Given the doubling of the stock market (and the leveraged nature of many investments funds), could it because you are significantly better off financially than you were when President Obama took office (despite reporting no wage income)?

2.  If elected, would you close all of your off-shore trusts, accounts, and partnership interests?

3.  Why do you refuse to release details of many of your domestic policy plans?  Is that the type of leadership the American people should accept?

4.  What about being a one-term Governor of Massachusetts has prepared you to be President (especially given your frequent absences from the state during the final years of your term)?

5.  How will your Presidency differ from that of President George W. Bush?

Questions for President Obama:
1.  Do you feel that your previous work experiences adequately prepared you to be the head of the Executive Branch of our government in a time of crisis?  If not, what other experiences and skills would you have wanted to have prior to running?

2.  Given that you have faced a confrontational and inflexible Congress, what responsibility do you have for government inaction and negative political tone?

3.  What would you have done differently during your first term in office?

4.  What staffing changes and policies will you change going forward?

5.  Has your changes to foreign policy been beneficial or harmful to the US?

Readers, please respond through comments.

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