Pro Israel Shift at UN

Times they are a changin. Perhaps the UN is starting to move away from its long-standing insitutional shunning of Israel. In the past, the UN has denied Israel representation on any committees and sponsored an Anti-Racism conferences that turn into Anti-Semitism and Anti-Israel hate-fests (Conference on Racism in Durban, South Africa, 2001).

If there is ever to be peace, Israel must be treated the same as any onther member of the international committee--especially at the "impartial" international communal body.

The article mentions that this will be the UN's first commemorance of the Holocaust since its formation following WWII. How is this possible? It is important to remember that the UN has been everything but an unbiased international agency when it comes to Israel and Jews.
To learn more about this troubling aspect of the UN's history, check out this chapter from Myths and Facts.

I am glad change is blowing in the wind. Please don't ask me why I am quoting old folk songs, that is just the mood I am in . . .

Rabbi Bruce

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