This Weekend At Smith

This is a busy weekend for Jewish life at Smith. This Shabbat, Beth Kissileff, her husband Rabbi Jon Perlman and their three children will be visiting from Springfield. Beth, a lecturer in Smith's Department of English, will teach at the Kosher Kitchen Friday night following dinner. Her talk is titled: Garments from Eve to the High Priest: Does God care what we wear? On Saturday afternoon, the community is invited to a Seudah Slishit--Third Shabbat Meal--at our house 315 Prospect Street. Students can meet at the Chapel at 4:30 to walk over or come to our house directly at 5pm. Beth will be teaching texts about David and Michal and will read part of short-story she has written based on these texts.

At the conclusion of Shabbat and most of the day Sunday, there will be an Israeli Film Festival at Smith. Click here for complete details.
These programs--as well as our normal Shabbat services and dinner--provide a variety of ways to approach Jewish life--intellectual, spiritual, cultural, and more than a few good meals.

I hope to see you at one or more of these programs.
Shabbat Shalom,
Rabbi Bruce

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