Another Update From Kiriat Bialik

Dear friends,

First of all, thanks very very much for the e-mails, they really comfort us! I wanted to tell you that here in the Krayot area not everything is quiet since during the last 48 hours there have been at least 14 sirens to enter the miklatim, air-raid shelters, due to the bombings; this makes that the tension we are living is almost unbearable. Since the moment we hear the siren up to the moment the missile falls we have one minute to go to the shelter (according to the instructions we got from the Home Front Command – Pikud Haoref). One minute seems nothing but it becomes an eternity when you have to get from the apartment (I live in the 7th floor) to the shelter downstairs. Of course, we have to go down by the stairs because it’s very dangerous to use the elevator. On the way, in that minute time, I have to take a bottle of water, a radio and my mobile phone, and call my mother who lives in Kiriat Motzkin to check she has heard the sirene and got to the shelter on time. Then, once inside the shelter, in silence we all wait to hear the “boom” of the missile. After 20’ we go to the door to check what’s going on. And then we start our task with the telephones getting calls, on the one hand, from people from Bialik and the others Krayots (olim and members of the community) who want or need some kind of spiritual comfort or information, people who want to ask what to do in the circumstances, and on the other hand, from people of the Movement, colleagues and friends from all over the world, colleagues and friends from Israel who live in the Center and South of the country. The solidarity we experience is shocking. We are a very strong people. In the shelter you get to know the real people of Israel. You can see the children in silence or just playing and the adults grinding their teeth in anger and impotence but understanding the difficult situation we are in.

Hizbollah will not dominate us. We have the advantage of knowing why we are here and what we are fighting for. Last Friday during the celebration of “Shabat Mitgaiesim”, Pablo Nakav, a young immigrant that got a special mention to the distinguished soldier from the president of Israel, said in his blessing to those entering the army in these days, that Hizbollah wants to win ("Lenatzeach"), and what we want is to live here forever ("lanetzach"). When the time came to Israel Jasson, member of the Parliament, to give his blessing, he made a small correction to the soldier’s saying: we also want to win (("lenatzeach") because we cannot permit ourselves to lose not even once. That’s our advantage, this struggle is not territorial or political, this time we are sending a message: Here we are, this is our land and we have the right to live on it in peace and normally.

With love,

Ose Shalom bimromaiv hu iaase shalom aleinu ve al kol Israel ve al kol ioshbei Tevel, veimru amen.

My best regards,Shalom

Rabbi Mauricio Balter

Kiriat Bialik, Israel

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