Rabbinic Solidarity Mission to Israel

Smith and Amherst Jewish Students, Faculty, and Friends,

The news from Israel has been weighing on my heart the last few weeks. Even though I spend half the week with many Israelis at Camp Ramah New England, it is hard to know what we can do there to help families living in bomb shelters throughout the north of Israel.

I have the opportunity to join a Rabbinic Solidarity Mission that will visit synagogues, shelters, hospitals, counseling centers, etc.
I leave Sunday for a five-day trip throughout the North and Central parts of Israel.

I will be bringing cards and greetings from campers and staff at Ramah, but am also going as a shaliach mitzvah (a mitzvah agent) for our communities. Please email me with any messages you would like to bring.

Already on behalf of our communities, I have donated to Magen David Adom and to the Masorti Movement for their emergency programs for soldiers, families, and new immigrants effected by the attacks.

If you are interested in having me give tzedakah directly on your behalf to those in need in Israel, please respond to this email with the amount of money and then send me a check to the address below.

With hopes of peace,
Rabbi Bruce

Rabbi Bruce Bromberg Seltzer
Smith College - Chaplain to the College
Amherst College - Religious Advisor
Director, Smith/Amherst Hillel
Helen Hills Hills Chapel
Northampton, MA 01063
(413)585-2755 fax (413)585-2794

PS - One student replied about why I am not helping Palestinians. One reason is the fact that the United States has halted payments to the Palestinian Authority for electing a terrorist organization -- one that has killed many Americans including two friends. Also, when faced
with limited resources (in this case both time and money), our tradition mandates that help starts with those close to us and only moves out when their needs are met.

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