A few Items

A few quick items before Shabbat.
This summer I had the pleasure of getting to know Rabbi Danny Nevins when we roomed together on the RA Rabbinic Solidarity Mission to Israel. This week he was appointed the new dean of the JTS Rabbinical School (from which we were both ordained).

Mazal tov to Danny and JTS Chancellor-Elect Arnold Eisen for appointing a shining light of the Conservative Movement to this important post. Rabbi Nevins is one of the authors of the passing liberal tshuvah (rabbinic legal paper) on homosexuality that passed the CJLS this December. I encourage everyone to not pigeon-hole Danny into a one-dimensional person. He is a dynamic pulpit rabbi, teacher, and scholar.

Outgoing Dean William Leabeau is a personal mentor and a rabbi's-rabbi. I wish him luck as he starts to wind down his career at JTS (where he is also Vice-Chancellor for Rabbinic Developement).

Speaking of Prof Eisen, he is one of the contributors to On Faith, a blog on faith issues with a great list of contributors. It looks interesting.

This week is Shabbat Shirah--when we read the Song of the Sea. May the beautiful Song of the Sea inspire each of us to sing our own Jewish song, taking ownership of each of our unique Jewish destinies.

Shabbat Shirah Sameach,
A joyous song-filled Shabbat to all,
Rabbi Bruce

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