New Take on the Holocaust

This year, Grammy award winning Israeli violinist Miri Ben-Ari andIsraeli rap/hip-hop star Kobi "Subliminal" Shimoni have co-produced a hip-hop music video expressing their sentiments on the Shoah. It is called "God Almighty When Will it End."

It is non-traditional and--for many--disturbing. In Israel, CD/Video was distributed by the thousands to students in schools, by recommendation, approval and blessing of -- amongst others --Professor Yehuda Bauer (Israel's leading historian on the Holocaust) and Rabbi BennyLau (son of Holocaust survivor and former Israeli Chief Rabbi Yisrael M eirLau). As highly traditional people, they both praised this genuine effort to make the message of the Holocaust relevant to a disconnected younger generation.

As the generation of survivors pass away and new generations grow up without the personal contact to these truth-tellers, it is important to examine new ways to transmit the Holocaust. Even if this is not the way I would have chosen, it is worth examination. May we continue to grapple with the memory of the Six Million victims and its impact on our humanity.

Rabbi Bruce

Much of the above text comes from an email distributed by Rabbi Daniel Bouskila of Sephardic Temple Tifereth Israel (Los Angeles)

As usual, there has been a number of blog posts about this including two (here and here) on jewschool.

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