Commencement & Shavuot

Smith is gearing up for 2007 Commencement (the Baccalaureate Service is starting as I write this). Friday night, we will have Shabbat services and dinner at Neilson Browsing Room starting at 5:30pm.

This coming Tuesday night is Shavuot--the Jewish holiday commemorating Revelation at Sinai.
If you are in the Five College area, I suggest you check out JCA (features a panel between Smith's Joel Kaminsky and JTS's Eddie Feld) or CBI's (highlights include the start of a year of learning about Abraham Joshua Heschel) Tikkun Leyl Shavuot programs. If not, enjoy your learning and celebration in your city. Here is a great group of resources and the Shefa Shavuot Blog.

I plan to teach at CBI. Hopefully, more to come.


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