Immigration and Family History

First an introduction:

Normally on Thursday afternoon, I learn Talmud with my friends and colleagues Rabbis David Dunn Bauer (Jewish Community of Amherst), Justin David (Congregation Bnai Israel in Northampton) and Eddie Feld (Rabbi-in-Residence at JTS Rabbinical School). We regularly meet at Eddie's house and it is a highlight of my week. The second day of Shavuot was a Thursday and our colleagues with pulpits were unavailable, but I told Eddie I would stop by to learn with him anyway.

I walked over with my three older children (Zev, Hadas, and Adeena) since Deborah had to take Maayan to the doctor. We had a great visit. One highlight was the t-shirt that Eddie was wearing. It had a famous picture of four Native Americans on horseback and an ironic caption: "Office of Homeland Security--Fighting Terrorism Since 1492."

I was thinking of Eddie's t-shirt when I read an informative blog article about the Immigration Bill on J-Spot.

Only one of my four grandparents, Max Seltzer z"l, was an immigrant to the US. Still, I believe that only one of my great-grandparents was born in the US. All the others are immigrants. One of the points of the blog and a secondary point of the shirt (at least to me) is that almost everyone in our country is the descendant of immigrants!

I have to run, but more on this soon.

Rabbi Bruce

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