What I have on my Google Reader

I started using Google Reader to manage RSS feeds.
At first I wasn't sure if it would be useful but after some trial-and-error I found what works for me. I now can keep track of important articles for work and life from a number of sites that I used to check frequently.

Here are some of the sites from which I get feeds:

Jewish News sites:
Forward Feed
Offers headlines from this week's Forward so I can keep up with Jewish culture and politics.

Hillel News Feed
Keeps me up-to-date on news from Hillel's Schusterman International Center.

Jewish Blogs:
Jewschool Feed
Jewschool is one of the more interesting Jewish blogs.

Jewlicious Feed
Jewlicious is a blog that formed out of the Jewlicious festival in CA.

This is a blog about Judaism and social justice from Jewish Funds for Justice.

NeoHasid Feed
My colleague and new neighbor, Rabbi David Seidenberg, collects resources on Neohasidic approaches to Judaism and egalitarian liturgy.

Rejewvinate Feed
Another Jewish blog.

Great site for divrei Torah and articles on Jewish topics.

Finance and Technology:
Berkshire Ruminations
This is a great site for Buffet-style value investing.

Cody Blog Feed
I enjoy Cody Willard's erudite and informational articles on investing, technology, and life. I will miss his writing as he will be a host on Fox's new business channel.

Morningstar Feed
This is one of the best financial sites I have found. I also subscribe to Realmoney from thestreet.com but found that it had too many feeds for my taste.

Official Palm Blog
I have used a Palm since 1999. I am hoping that a new Treo will be released for Verizon before I give up and buy an iPhone.

More to come as I continue to refine this tool.
Rabbi Bruce

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