Jerusalem Diaries-Day 3

Part I - 9am
I joined Renee for the carride to Machon Schechter, hoping to see friends on the faculty and catch up with one or two students I know. The Rabbinical School doesn't have Thursday classes and instead I am spending an hour on the computer and waiting to see a few people when they arrive in their offices. Still looking for a place to stay for Shabbat but now I have a number of leads--watch me end up with two or more invites!

I may head over to the Israel Museum and then will meet my "new" cousin for lunch.

Part II - 10am-8pm
While at Machon Schechter I began to finalize plans for Shabbat and got to visit with my teacher, Professor Shamma Friedman. Shamma has been a mentor in academic study of Talmud and he encouraged me to submit my ongoing project to him for comment.

Then I headed over to Deborah's great-aunt Violet Resnikoff. Her daughter Diane was also visiting. It was great to catch up with her. Then, I joined Violet and Diane for a cab-ride to Kikar Tzion to meet Elaina. Elaina took me to a nice cafe, Dulce D'latte. By the time we finished a late lunch at 3:15pm, it was time to head to my next appointment. In the meantime, a friend returned my call with offers of a place to stay for Shabbat. Only meals remain.
I went to visit Aryeh Green at his new program, Media Central. It is just off Kikar Tzion in a new office building. Aryeh spoke at Amherst in last year and he invited me to see his new program. It is hard to describe, so please check out the link above. Aryeh makes his own wine and they aired an Israeli film for foreign journalists.

Then I took the 6 bus back to Givat Mordechai for some Big Apple pizza, tv, and getting ready for Shabbat. By then, I worked out meals for Shabbat and now I am set.

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