Jerusalem Diary Erev Shabbat

Woke up at 5am to go to the restroom and then spoke on the phone to Deborah.
Fell back asleep until after 9. Eventually made my way downtown. Went to Mahane Yehuda to buy rugulach at Marzipan Bakery. After fighting the crowds, I made my way to the midrehov to stop by Dahab to pick up necklaces from the girls. For those who joined late, Dahab is owned by my Beduin friends Issa and his brother. I need to come back Sunday.

Then, grabbed some pizza (the good schwarma place had already closed) before catching a bus to spend Shabbat with Aryeh Bernstein (friend from JTS, Israel, etc. and brother of my friend and colleague Eddie Bernstein). Aryeh agreed to host me last minute and even lined up dinner tonight. Tonight we will daven at Minyan Shivyoni Bakka and tomorrow I meet Noam Raucher (a Hofstra student from when I worked there who also worked at Ramah New England) at Kedem before lunch.

Now talking about Egalitarianism with Aryeh (who works for Mechon Hadar and also teaches Talmud at the Hartman high school).

Bye for now. Shabbat Shalom,

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