Passover Preparation and Sources

For the last week or so I have been "all Passover, all the time."
I have been cleaning and kashering (Amherst and CBI first, now at home) and arranging for Seders (two seders at our house plus one at Amherst).

If you are joining us for Passover Seder or meals at Amherst and have not signed up, please do so now.

Starting a few weeks before Passover, I start seeing lots of material on Facebook or in my in-box.

Here are some selections of note:

  • Rabbi Dov Lerner collects Passover material and has downloadable Haggadot for you to make your own at Jewishfreeware.org I have seen this site grow in material and use--it should keep you busy for years of Seders.

(I am a member of the Rabbinical Assembly-- the international organization of Conservative/Masorti Rabbis.  Operation Pesach, run by Kosher Nexus, is a program of the Union for Traditional Judaism)


  • Last Minute Addition (not for those without a sense of humor):

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